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Be of service to your students


An opportunity for new and evolving yoga teachers to be supported through the ongoing process of living and sharing yoga

Yoga Teacher Mentoring with Rachel 


Rachel is a passionate yoga teacher who has literally lived and breathed yoga's philosophy, practice, and tradition for over ten years. She travels annually to India, immersing herself not only in āsana but all limbs of yoga, Āyurveda and yoga therapy guided by her world-renowned teacher, Dr N Chandrasekaran.


Rachel uses a basic framework to tailor highly personal sessions to suit your needs. She creates a non-judgmental space for your evolution and development as a teacher, using creative and reflective processes.

Whilst you will be encouraged to follow your own path of research and develop and nurture your own teaching style – Rachel will support you in being the best and most authentic teacher you can be.


Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level?

Private mentoring sessions
You will meet with Rachel either face to face or skype sessions. These sessions will be structured to outline your goals and objectives and to guide you in achieving them. Rachel will suggest reading and writing assignments relevant to your interests and goals. You may be asked to record classes if you are currently teaching.

Are you hungry to know more about the yogic texts that underpin yoga in our modern world?

Personal Study
You are invited to commit to home study, which will support your journey and submit projects over the course of the mentoring. Join our discussion groups, or spend your mentoring time discussing these ancient yet highly relevant texts.

Are you feeling burnt out or has your personal practice been left behind?

Change the text and make it your Home practice
During a yoga therapy consultation, Rachel will design you a personal daily Yoga practice. You may like to keep a journal of your reflections for self-study. The practice may include Āsana, Prānāyāma, Dhāranā (meditation), Mudra and Mantra.. Click here to begin editing.

Are you feeling anxious about teaching or would like to improve in an aspect of the art of teaching yoga?

Observing, assisting and teaching
This is your opportunity to observe all the different body types and student ages and abilities, and their response to the practice. This will enhance your ability to teach every student that walks through your door. Assisting is being of service to the students in the class; this can be as simple as providing props, subtle verbal instructions to individuals and touch. Our way of assisting is invitational, gentle and non-invasive.


Mentoring packages


As a yoga teacher, you’d like to be supported to grow and expand with a weekly mentoring session. These can be used to keep you inspired, work through barriers to teaching and help you to address confidence issues that can arise when teaching. I will hold a sacred space for you, share resources and tools that I’ve developed over the past ten years of teaching that will leave you feeling supported and empowered in teaching your Yoga. 



Areas of specialisation:

  • Chanting/ Mantra

  • Theming classes

  • Yoga sūtras & Bhagavad Gitā

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Developing courses, workshops and retreat offerings

  • Teaching privates and 1;1 session

  • Heartfelt business and program development 

  • Building your offerings – courses, classes & privates 

What’s included:

  • Weekly mentoring sessions via zoom

  • A recording of your session

  • Feedback between sessions on projects you are working on

  • Access to resources discussed in your sessions

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