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 Soultribe Studio, Beach road, Catalina 

Ray Of Light Holistic Clinic

A welcoming space for deep listening, inquiry, mentoring and therapy.

"Talk therapy doesn't always work - especially when the nervous system is still affected by trauma. Verbal forms of therapy can risk re-traumatization for survivors when the autonomic nervous system has not yet had the chance to regulate."

Dr. Peter Levine

Therapy / Counseling

60-minute session

from $90 concession - $130 

Rachel facilitates a mindful somatic and trauma informed style of psychotherapy. This process can support us in learning to recognize the unconscious dynamics that run our lives and how to free ourselves from self-generated suffering, as well as gain insight, clarity and choice in our response. Somatic therapy focuses on the body because the source of compulsive behaviours, trauma, depression & anxiety, and general discomfort with everyday life exists as sensations, emotions, and experiences that occur within the framework of the body. 


Therapy / Counseling

90-minute session - from $155 concession - $195

In the sacred space of counseling, guided by Rachel's compassionate presence, we embark on the essential work of self-illumination. It is not about fixing what is perceived as broken but about tenderly revealing the undiscovered realms within us. Rachel's guidance becomes a lantern, casting light on the uncharted territories of our inner landscape. With Rachel as your ally, embrace the transformative journey toward a more authentic, empowered, and awakened version of yourself.


Bring It Home

3 x 60-minute sessions- concession $290-  $330

You enjoy studio classes and are ready to deepen your practice through self-practice. Let go of surfing the web for classes and invest in a practice designed just for you. Over the three sessions you will gain confidence and self-empowerment through this process of learning a holistic and effective practice designed just for you. Just 20-30 minutes a day can be such a gift to your system. All students' welcome handouts are provided to support you on your way to independent practice. 


Self-Care Package

3 x 60-minute sessions - concession $290-  $330

Give yourself the gift of looking after you. Many of us find it challenging to tend to our wellbeing, you are not alone. Take a gentle step and receive compassionate guidance using holistic and somatic practices. The gift of presence, gentle movement, touch and sound. 


The Yoga Prescription

 3x 60-minute sessions - concession $290-  $330

Embark on a collaborative journey to prioritize your holistic well-being. Through an exploration of your current physical and mental health needs, we'll delve into tailored somatic practices encompassing breathing, postures, meditation, and lifestyle adjustments. This offering empowers you to take charge of your health with personalized guidance from Rachel.

This program is inclusive and welcomes individuals with chronic health issues and mobility concerns, without any prerequisites. Rachel, functioning as both a guide and a collaborator, is committed to working alongside you and your healthcare practitioners, offering support in managing your well-being effectively.

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 2_edited.png

Befriend Your Nervous System

 3x 60-minute sessions - concession $290-  $330

Our nervous system serves as a profound guide, shaping our perception of self, relationships, and life as a whole. In these sessions, Rachel is dedicated to nurturing a deeper connection and compassion for your autonomic nervous system.


Through a gentle process that combines education, self-inquiry, movement, breathwork, and somatic practices, you will embark on a journey to enhance your understanding of the intricate workings of your nervous system. Together, we will take simple yet impactful steps to harmonize and embrace your system with greater kindness, fostering a transformative path toward well-being and self-awareness.


Sound Healing Through Chanting

60-minute session - concession $90- $130

Chanting unfolds as a meditative practice, a transformative journey to unearth our voice and amplify our capacity to concentrate and focus. Rooted in the resonance of sound, this practice provides steadfast support through the vibrations of carefully selected mantras, sūtras, and slokas, chosen for their healing effects.

In these sessions, immerse yourself in the profound world of Sanskrit mantras tailored to uplift and fortify you. Delve into the art of refining pronunciation, mastering notation, and achieving seamless sound continuity through the dynamic learning approach of call and response. Through this immersive experience, you will not only grasp the intricacies of sacred sounds but also discover the resonant power they hold for your personal growth and well-being.


Yoga Teacher Mentoring

60-minute session - $130 

As you embark on the enriching journey of yoga teaching, Rachel serves as a nurturing guide, supporting you in cultivating your own unique path. While you are encouraged to delve into self-directed research and foster your distinct teaching style, Rachel's wisdom and mentorship are dedicated to empowering you to become the most authentic and impactful teacher possible. With mentorship, your teaching journey transcends the technicalities, evolving into a transformative and authentic exploration of self, philosophy, and the sacred art of sharing yoga with the world.


Book A Discovery Call

Yoga teacher training / any services

A pressure free chat with Rachel to discuss the services we provide and to discern how they might be tailored to best support you.



If I could provide three words to describe Rachel, I would use kind, gentle and graceful in her approach. Rachel has a loving ability to hold space for true feelings and emotions to unfold. During our sessions, she offers practical and tangible tools through a yogic, and counseling lens, leading to many ‘aha’ moments and a shift in daily rituals, inner dialogue, habits, and overall energy.

You are not here by accident._edited.jpg


When I started yoga therapy, there were many excuses with why I wasn’t feeling my best. I wasn’t doing all the things that I thought I “should” be doing and the guilt was making it hard to break through the cycle of feeling exhausted. Then I went to see Rachel for Yoga Therapy and it broke the cycle. After the first session, I felt excited and Rachel designed a simple practice that suited the time I had available, which made it easy to fit in. When I slip out of the habit, my yoga practice is something that I can quickly return to and feel the benefits instantly. Thank you Rachel for making regular yoga practice accessible and achievable!


J & S

We always leave a session in a better place. When we have tried counselling before, we found we’d leave still annoyed, if not more so, with one another as our nitpicking was magnified. Rachel’s sessions always address areas so much deeper. I’ve learned so much about our nervous system, why patterns repeat and how to actually move forward. It’s not that my husband and I don’t still disagree, we are just able to diffuse much quicker and catch ourselves before the spiral. Rachel’s deep knowledge in all her disciplines works beautifully together to teach and heal. She is incredible.

Words Of Testimony

  • Do we need a car?
    Yes Long beach itself needs to be accessed by vehicle, unfortunately there is a lack of public transport in the area.
  • Can we bring pets?
    Rachel and Mick have two dachshunds Chloe and Poppy who will be around during your stay. Our dogs love humans, but aren’t so keen on other pups. However if you have a very calm relaxed pup we would consider it. Please discuss this before booking your room if you intend to bring your dog. Please note the property is not securely fenced and there are native animals on the property.
  • Can we check in or check out of usual hours?
    Check in is from two in the afternoon and check out is twelve noon, we can offer some flexibility as required and we try to negotiate this on booking. We love to meet our guests on their arrival; it is our favourite part of what we do! However if your arrival time is outside of office hours you will receive instructions as to how to access your accommodation. We are always available by phone if you have any queries at all.
  • What activities are available?
    Our space is set up for a quiet and reflective stay, yoga, mediation and relaxation sessions with Rachel may be available please discuss the availability of this on booking. There are a number of national park beaches and walks within a short drive from the property. We are; 10 minutes from Batemans bay with access to three supermarkets, cafes, chemists etc 15 minutes from South Durras 45 minutes from Milton 40 minutes from Ulladulla There are both surf beaches and bay beaches for you to swim, surf or paddle board at.
  • How private is the guest accommodation?
    Rachel and Mick will be around during your stay at the guest accommodation. However our privacy will be honoured, you are welcome to be as social as feels right for you and the intention of your stay. Both accommodation options privacy from the common areas and have private bathrooms which are not shared with other guests or the property owners
  • What facilities are available?
    Guest rooms have access to tea and coffee making facilities, hair dryer, iron and board, washing and drying access and heating. There are no TV”s in the bedrooms, we recommend you bring a bluetooth speaker if you forget yours we have one you can borrow. The kitchen is stocked with tea and coffee making facilities and a microwave. We can assist you with some simple cooking like re-warming soups, making toast etc however encourage guests to access local restaurants for full meals.
  • Are bed linen and towels supplied?
    We have beautiful bed linen and all your bath sheets and towels ready and waiting for you. Each bed is dressed in luxurious sheets, doonas and four pillows. Additional blankets are available on request. We do ask you to bring your own beach towels.
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