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November 3rd ~ 10th Led by Rachel, Ruth, Jaz & Ally.png


We extend a heartfelt invitation to join us for seven deeply guided days of divine retreating in the north of Bali. This retreat will allow you to embrace your inner wisdom and intuitive power, connect with your heart as you open it to new depths of authenticity and joy, and tap into your creativity as you step fully into the wholeness of your life.

You will be embraced by a nurturing circle of women united in exploring the Divine Feminine's embodied and creative essence. Our daily offerings, including yoga, workshops, kirtan, circle, sound medicine, nourishing meals, nature walks, spa treatments, and ample rest, invite you to soften, restore, and reconnect with your heart and Feminine Being. Immerse yourself in the gentle rhythms of the ocean and land, merging with the natural world as you journey inward.

Bali's healing energy will support you and rejuvenate you amidst its wondrous beauty. Surrender to the freedom and fullness that blossoms when you let go of constant doing, allowing your heart to fully embrace the state of simply being.



Like a garden, the heart requires regular tending and nurturing to blossom fully. In the realm of Yoga, the heart, particularly the light that dwells within it, becomes a sanctuary we aspire to enter, where the wisdom of the heart can be awakened and embraced. Unlike the mind, which relies on information to understand, the heart reveals itself through surrender, trust, and joy. The heart's power can realign us with our deepest desires, enabling us to rediscover our authenticity and true selves. The heart is a transformative space where we can turn poison into nectar and open a gateway to perceive the world through the lens of love and tenderness. 


This immersion invites women to gather and embark on a graceful journey of inner softening, leading to a path abundant with joy and wisdom. 

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When we allow ourselves the chance to retreat from our daily grind and immerse in nature, community, contemplation and relaxation, we return to a restful and more true state of being, reconnecting with the heart's wisdom and wholeness. 


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Ignite the resonance of joy by engaging in devotional practices, ritual, prayer, and communal gatherings. We will explore the power of devotion and voice through mantra chanting, a practice that fosters a connection to the sacred within yourself, others, and life. 



Throughout this immersion, we embrace carefully curated ceremony as a sacred passage into the depths of the heart space. Through ritual & ceremonial practices, we honour Bali's rich culture and old ways. By aligning ourselves with the natural rhythms of life, we intentionally open ourselves up to the heart's desires. Here, we invite healing, forge connections, foster growth, and find alignment. 



We engage in fire ceremony {puja} to kindle the sacred flame within our hearts. We symbolically release burdens, fears, and limitations, allowing them to be consumed by the fire's transformative energy. As the flames dance and crackle, we open ourselves to collective new beginnings, inviting in blessings and heart-led intentions.


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The Balinese water ceremony, also known as Melukat, is deeply rooted in the island's rich cultural and spiritual traditions. It is a purification ritual that cleanses the body, mind, and spirit of tensions, negative energies, and blockages, creating space for inner peace, harmony, and rejuvenation. 




We will work with the supportive energies of the Goddess’s Durgā, Lakshmi, and Sarasvatī Mā to access Truth and awaken courage, inner strength, generosity, the transformative power of Love and wisdom. 


Spend a week in North Bali, the land of the Gods, where majestic views, simplicity, and lush greenery await. Immerse yourself in healing waters, embark on Shakti walks, and discover both inner and outer spaciousness amidst the serene beauty of nature. Encounter playful dolphins dancing in the waves, as you reconnect with the earth's abundant energies and rejuvenate your spirit. 


One morning, bathed in the gentle glow of dawn's first light, we embark on a boat ride with a seasoned local fisherman watching the sky transform into shades of pink and orange. 


Explore the nourishment and vitality of somatic and breath-centric movement and embodiment practices, guiding you to land into the home of your body. Culture an authentic connection with your unique inner rhythm and the pulse of your Life Force. Discover how movement can be medicine and a gateway to hearing and feeling your heart’s inner wisdom, your intuition and creative essence. Through developing the skill of interoception, moving and breathing with generosity and care you will bring release and spaciousness into your body and heart-mind field.


Sound medicine is a modality that has been used throughout time to support the healing processes within the physical, energetic and spiritual body.

The resonant vibrations of sound have a profound capacity to reach the cells of the body aiding the body's natural healing process and shifting brainwaves to access states of meditation or rest whilst rebalancing the nervous system. Sound is channeled consciously to create a safe wholesome container supporting you in remembering the felt sense of stillness, spaciousness, receptivity and your innate wholeness.

Come together with kindred spirits in a nurturing immersion space, to move, feel and open your heart 

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  • You feel like you've lost touch with yourself, wandering away from the whispers of your heart. 

  • You want to reconnect with your intuition and wisdom of your body. 

  • You want to find and feel clarity within and in your life. 

  • You seek to infuse your life with a sense of devotion, honouring the sacred in the mundane moments. 

  • You yearn for meaningful connections with like-minded women and a space where you can be unapologetically you. 

  • You are curious about the practices of Bhakti, chanting and sacred sound. 

  • You feel like you’ve lost the magic in life and yearn to play and be re-enchanted.

  • You are wanting to reconnect with your inner power through your natural feminine gifts.

  • You are longing for the restorative embrace of nature, to reconnect with the earth's wisdom and be held in its tranquil beauty.

  • Every part of you is yearning for a pause and rest from life’s hustle and bustle.



We’ll be enjoying the beauty of North Bali near Pantai Beach. We’ll be nestled away from the busyness and dense tourist regions of Bali, and instead bask on a wide stretch of bliss along the Pacific Ocean.

The retreat centre provides a safe container for deep rest, immersion into the  tranquil beauty of Bali and the ignition of your inner wisdom and creative potential.

Pantai’s black sand and pebble beach with its coral banks is an enchanting landscape to decompress, daydream and take walks whilst listening to the song of the great ocean. And with some luck, you’ll spot some dolphins.

Star gazing on moonlight swims at our resort’s lotus pool provides the perfect opportunity to unwind with water therapy.


Each uniquely designed Balinese-style bungalow is located right on the seafront, providing serene views and quick access to swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.

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Bali, known as the island of the Gods, is a place of healing. Its beautiful lands, waters, and ethereal atmosphere offer a sanctuary to nourish ourselves with the energy of this sacred place. Bali embodies the essence of beauty, and you can feel the presence of Lakshmi herself here. It holds a special place in the hearts of many, with its vibrant culture, spiritual heritage, lush landscapes and kind people. Bali's expansive beauty has a unique way of opening the heart and feeding the spirit, leaving a long-lasting imprint on all who venture into Her embrace.


Nourish your body and senses with wholesome Indonesian and western-influenced dishes. All meals are lovingly prepared by the Balinese chef providing largely vegetarian dishes with the freshest ocean fish and produce right from their organic gardens.

With a selection of teas, balinese coffee, cocoa available and the perfect backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and Balinese breeze to accompany each day’s dining experience.


During the immersion, ample space will be provided for rest and rejuvenation. Picture yourself lounging by the pool, basking in the warm sun, with a book in hand or taking a Shakti walk through nature, or receiving bodywork. There will be moments for quiet reflection, where you can unwind and replenish amidst the gorgeous surroundings. 

"Imagine a woman who embodies the strength of a warrior, the grace of a goddess, and the wisdom of a sage. A woman who embraces her journey with courage, authenticity, and self-love. Who shines with a light that illuminates the path for others to follow. Imagine yourself as this woman, for she resides within you, ready to empower and inspire."


~ Steve De'lano Garcia ~


In the spirit of reciprocity and gratitude we will be donating a small portion ($100) of each retreat booking to two local Tejakula women’s groups. The Women’s Balinese offerings Group. A small group of local women are being taught the intricate art of creating the more elaborate offerings – with the vision of making them accessible and affordable for their villagers in the North, and ensuring the continuation of this ancient culture and ritual.


And the Women’s Home Industries Group. A small group of local women aim to develop local home industry using this local produce to make tasty products and specialty foods for the local market. The vision is to source and supply local goods as a way of supporting the community and circling back the funds into these groups. Our donation will assist them in setting up this initiative and not only creating, but sustaining local industry.

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Ally Twentyman-Jones 


I am a dreamer… I dream of a world united through love, healed through spiritual consciousness, and celebrated through sharing rituals, movements, and songs. I believe in the philosophy and practice of yoga as a way of life, and I trust that feeling in this ancient yet never-aging practice cultivates our inner light. Reminding us of the interconnectedness of all things and the limitless love that we are. I am happiest co-creating an open-hearted space for everyone to meet on the mat where they are. And helping friends empower themselves by creating the space and the time to flow with the breath in the Divine dance of reciprocity with life itself. I am driven by the desire for every living creature to feel the essence of pure love and their connection to the Divine Oneness, the Power that drives us and everything around us.

I truly am a dreamer….and all dreams begin and end together, opening our hearts and minds and letting our souls fly free.

Rachel Nokes

I love to gather.. I’m a connector. I love nothing more than hosting folks to co-create the divine mood. I love to explore ways to express love and sweet union, with the earth and with each other which reminds us that we are all family, we are one. I believe we all hold the key to freedom within our system, my commitment to myself and to you is to play and dance ourselves there through breath centric movement, mantra and ritual. I’m devoted to exploring the yogic tradition and testing out what the ancients have lovingly shared with us all. I'm humbled by the generosity of my teachers who have led the way, it’s to them I bow in reverence. I’m happiest when I'm surrounded by friends, chanting sacred sounds, walking barefoot, feeling salt in my hair and sand between my toes. In holding space I'll guide you to the heart of yourself. It's there the inner teacher resides, it’s through this communion deep within yourself that the freedom resides. I cannot wait to gather with you, my heart aches in the knowing of what will unfold given the dream team who will be holding you.. Hand picked for their devotion and gifts, we look forward to greeting you with arms wide open.

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Ruth Pirie


Holding sacred space and creating safe and nurturing containers for deep presence, grounded rest and the kindling of inner wisdom truly makes my heart sing. I am in awe of the human spirit and the ways the Divine moves through our own hearts. I lovingly invite you to step into a deeper self-inquiry of your body’s wisdom, through nourishing conscious movement, breath, sacred sound and meditative practices.

The wisdom of the Yogic tradition enriches my own life essence and fortifies my connection to my inner resource. Time after time, these practices beckon me to be enchanted by life, by others, by my heart, by the cosmos and by the earth. So my hope is to always offer a safe space to help others see, feel and experience the benefits, grace, connection and vitality themselves. 


I feel as though I am a student of life, and I try to hold the perspective that experiences come my way as messengers and opportunities to evolve and stay connected to my core values. I like to be curious and open to how I can live life through authentic connection, courage and generosity- towards myself, alongside others and with the earth. As a lover of Mumma Gaia, I feel deeply replenished when grounding in her presence, so you’ll often find me tucked away or immersed in a natural landscape somewhere whenever I get the chance.

Jazmine Wheatley 

I'm Jazmine, a mystic at heart, bhakta, an alchemist, pollinator of people and devoted seeker of sacred connection with all of creation. With a passion for guiding people to awaken their hearts and tap into their inner wisdom, I've dedicated my life to sharing the nectarian wisdom of movement, yoga, mantra and social justice. I believe in honouring our bodies as sacred vessels of life and rekindling our heart's song, drawing upon innate intuitive wisdom within ourselves and the natural world. Through practices rooted in ancient knowledge, remembrance and reverence, I create spaces for people to return home to their body and the body of the earth, allowing them to become vessels of prayer and voice their wildest selves with freedom, ease, and grace.

With a profound curiosity about mysteries of life and enchantment and a desire to foster kinship and intimacy with all things, I envision to create spaces where our hearts can be re-enlivened, and we can remember how to live in reciprocity and harmony with self, and others. I look forward to sitting in the sacred heart space and the heart of Bali with you.


"We live amidst this constant, unceasing, tidal movement, so it's important to be able to return to, and experience, a rested centre that is able to hold a constellation of qualities all around us, no matter where we are, no matter what might try to break in on our solitude and peace, or what difficult or chaotic threshold we might find ourselves on. We might also, strangely, find ourselves on an unsettling threshold of joy and happiness and wonder how we can make a sure foundation for that happiness; how to continue experiencing it in a more restful way and thus take it a step deeper by understanding its source."


~ David Whyte ~



$3299 AUD


$3699 AUD

t & c

We acknowledge that people do not plan on canceling their retreat but unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any exceptions or discounts for any reason.

We recommend that you search for travel insurance that matches your risk tolerance. If necessary, you can consider finding a replacement travel companion. By transferring your deposit or paying for the trip in full, you indicate your agreement to these terms


what's included

  • 7 nights accommodation (options for single or shared room) 

  • Daily wholesome meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) 

  • Daily embodiment & yoga practices 

  • One-hour private massage 

  • Sacred ceremonies, circles, rituals, and specialized workshops 

  • Water ceremony with Balinese priest 

  • Traditional flower offering workshop 

  • Sunrise boat ride with local fisherman 

  • Tree planting, restoration of the native forest with the forest farmers association. 

what's excluded

  • Flights to and from Bali 

  • Travel insurance 

  • Visa Fees 

  • Additional treatments

  • Transfers to and from the retreat (however we will support your journey to and from the retreat location)

  • Additional nights accommodation before or after the retreat dates

  • Optional excursions or activities outside of the scheduled retreat itinerary


Our hope is that you reintegrate into your daily life following our immersion, feeling uplifted by the gentle reconnection with your heart and inner truth. 

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words of testimony

“The retreat to Bali with Rachel has touched me in such a deep way, it’s been a beautiful time to just be, to feel, process and heal. It has been an opportunity for me to connect more deeply with myself without life's usual distractions. The practices Rachel offered were life-changing, and the location is paradise.”



"I attended a retreat hosted by Ruth on Saturday, and it was absolutely magical! The entire experience felt like stepping into a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Ruth's nurturing presence created a safe and supportive space where I felt comfortable exploring and connecting with my inner self. The atmosphere was serene, and every detail of the retreat was thoughtfully curated to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation. From the calming ambiance to the insightful teachings, every moment was truly transformative. I left feeling refreshed, nourished, and deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful retreat. Thank you, Ruth, for your dedication and passion in creating such a beautiful experience. I can't wait to attend another event by My Yoga Space!"


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