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Yoga Therapy, where the ancient east meets the modern west

Visit us in our Long Beach clinic.

Move towards optimal health & wellbeing with this powerful combination of ancient Eastern wisdom and Western biomedical knowledge.


What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a powerful combination of ancient wisdom and western biomedical knowledge. To improve your health. Treatment plans are holistic and unique to the issues of the individual to enhance wellbeing and work towards optimal health.

Rachel will complete a full health assessment, pinpoint your needs, and design your yoga therapy program. You will receive clear instructions for daily practice, lifestyle and dietary guidelines and ongoing support in a nurturing, safe environment. Rachel will happily work with your medical doctor, naturopath or psychologist.

Yoga therapy can benefit the following conditions:


  • Trauma

  • Mental health issues 

  • Injuries and rehabilitation 

  • Addiction recovery and aftercare

  • Cancer treatment and aftercare

  • Painful periods

  • Hormonal issues

  • Menopause

  • Weight management

  • Digestive issues

  • Fertility issues


It can also be for those who

  • Can’t make class times

  • Want a more personal approach

  • Want to practice at home

Rachel is a qualified Yoga Therapist (PGDYT) registered with the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists. She is also an accredited counsellor with 14 years experience.

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Introductory Offer:

3 consultations (60 minutes each) $330. This does not include the cost of treatments that may be recommended.

Follow up appointments to support and assist you in managing and maintaining optimal health are $130 per hour. Āyurvedic treatments and lifestyle adjustments may also be recommended.

What others are saying


Tara Goedjen

Yoga teacher and PHD Student

Rachel Nokes doesn’t just teach the practice of yoga, she lives it. She is the sort of person who radiates peacefulness and love. I was first attracted to Rachel’s yoga classes because of her knowledge, intuitive guidance, and relaxing presence, and she has continued to inspire me to this day. The Illawarra is very lucky to have her!


Gretel V

When I started yoga therapy, there were many excuses with why I wasn’t feeling my best. I wasn’t doing all the things that I thought I “should” be doing and the guilt was making it hard to break through the cycle of feeling exhausted. Then I went to see Rachel for Yoga Therapy and it broke the cycle. After the first session, I felt excited and Rachel designed a simple practice that suited the time I had available, which made it easy to fit in. When I slip out of the habit, my yoga practice is something that I can quickly return to and feel the benefits instantly. Thank you Rachel for making regular yoga practice accessible and achievable!

Book a session

Bring It Home

60-minute session

You enjoy studio classes and are ready to deepen your practice through self-practice. Let go of surfing the web for classes and invest in a practice designed just for you. Over the three sessions you will gain confidence and self-empowerment through this process of learning a holistic and effective practice designed just for you. Just 20-30 minutes a day can be such a gift to your system. All students' welcome handouts are provided to support you on your way to independent practice. 


Self-Care Package

60-minute session

Give yourself the gift of looking after you. Many of us find it challenging to tend to our wellbeing, you are not alone. Take a gentle step and receive compassionate guidance using holistic and somatic practices. The gift of presence, gentle movement, touch and sound. 


The Yoga Prescription

60-minute session

Embark on a collaborative journey to prioritize your holistic well-being. Through an exploration of your current physical and mental health needs, we'll delve into tailored somatic practices encompassing breathing, postures, meditation, and lifestyle adjustments. This offering empowers you to take charge of your health with personalized guidance from Rachel.

This program is inclusive and welcomes individuals with chronic health issues and mobility concerns, without any prerequisites. Rachel, functioning as both a guide and a collaborator, is committed to working alongside you and your healthcare practitioners, offering support in managing your well-being effectively.

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Befriend Your Nervous System

60-minute session

Our nervous system serves as a profound guide, shaping our perception of self, relationships, and life as a whole. In these sessions, Rachel is dedicated to nurturing a deeper connection and compassion for your autonomic nervous system.


Through a gentle process that combines education, self-inquiry, movement, breathwork, and somatic practices, you will embark on a journey to enhance your understanding of the intricate workings of your nervous system. Together, we will take simple yet impactful steps to harmonize and embrace your system with greater kindness, fostering a transformative path toward well-being and self-awareness.


Sound Healing Through Chanting

60-minute session

Chanting unfolds as a meditative practice, a transformative journey to unearth our voice and amplify our capacity to concentrate and focus. Rooted in the resonance of sound, this practice provides steadfast support through the vibrations of carefully selected mantras, sūtras, and slokas, chosen for their healing effects.

In these sessions, immerse yourself in the profound world of Sanskrit mantras tailored to uplift and fortify you. Delve into the art of refining pronunciation, mastering notation, and achieving seamless sound continuity through the dynamic learning approach of call and response. Through this immersive experience, you will not only grasp the intricacies of sacred sounds but also discover the resonant power they hold for your personal growth and well-being.

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