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 Online collection  

Online collection 

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A beautiful way to practice

Our Online library has been intentionally and thoughtfully curated for you in beginning the heartwarming journey of re-connecting with and exploring your often hidden or neglected inner resources

More about our collection:

In our library you’ll receive guidance on one full spectrum sequence that includes a breath centric movement practice (āsana) based in the Vinyasa Krama method, prānāyāma and dhāranā (focusing practice) and some Ayurvedic guidance to enhance your wellbeing. You will practice the sequence, learning it ‘off by heart’, as a means of empowering yourself and discovering the freedom, joy and equanimity that comes when we confidently look within..


Online course - COMING SOON 


Rejoicing in the inner winds

You are invited to join me for these practices focusing on the inner winds 

More about this course:

Practice to bring nourishment to the pañca prana vayu

Rachel will guide five gentle practices each with a soothing quality considering the time of day and the physiological system connected to each of the  prāna vayu- prāna, apāna, samāna, udāna, vyāna.

During each sacred practice we will bathe in the energy with simple movements with a breath focused quality, guide the breath for a specific effect, focus the mind through meditation, mudra and mantra techniques from the yoga tradition.

We will drink the deep nourishment of the breath replenishing all the systems in the energetic layer of our being. 


What our clients say.. 

“I saw Rachel for an Ayurvedic cleanse when I was going through a stressful time of change. I went to see her because I wanted to support my system to shed a lot of old baggage, move through change with grace as well as sleep better and have more energy.

Rachel was warm, welcoming and easy to talk to. She provided all the support and resources I needed to complete the recommended program and I felt amazing!! She gave me a book that has inspired my own learning and I feel like I’ve walked away feeling better AND with more knowledge on how to make adjustments to my lifestyle so I continue to feel awesome.”


- Gretel

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