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Ray Of Light Yoga Teacher Training
Enrolling now for February 2024  

Traditional lineage-based yoga education and practice


Held over seven in-person four day blocks at Ray Of Light, Long Beach

with a focus self-practice to anchor yourself in the teachings
with group and private mentoring  

Our focus is on promoting clarity and accuracy within the Yoga community by emphasizing the authenticity of the practice. Our goal is to provide access to the original teachings of Yoga, as they were developed by enlightened beings. Our carefully curated trainning is designed to guide practitioners beyond the physical aspect of Yoga, recognizing the body as a sacred vessel capable of profound transformation, while also exploring deeper energetic, philosophical, and spiritual concepts. 


At Ray Of Light Yoga School, our logo is imbued with deep symbolism that reflects our mission, vision, and approach to teaching. Essentially, we believe that at our core, we are all rays of light. Our logo represents the journey we take to manifest our highest potential, drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of yoga. 

The snake symbolizes prāna, the vital energy that flows through all living beings. In our teaching, we explore the energetics of yoga, learning how to design practices that stimulate and balance the different prāna vāyus. By enlivening, calming, and balancing our energy, we can achieve greater physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

The circle layers represent the multidimensional nature of the self. According to the Pañca Maya model, there are five interconnected aspects of the individual, including the physical, energy, mental, wisdom, and bliss bodies. By understanding and working with each of these layers, we can cultivate a more holistic and integrated approach to our practice. 

The lotus reminds us that we must acknowledge and navigate the challenges of living in the world. We do not deny the difficulties and suffering we may encounter, but rather learn to move through them with grace and resilience. Through our practice, we can develop the tools and awareness we need to navigate life's ups and downs with greater ease. 

The triangles acknowledge Sarva anga sādhanam, or comprehensive growth, to truly achieve holistic well-being, we must cultivate our minds, bodies, and communication skills. In our teaching, we incorporate yoga for the mind, Ayurveda for the body, and Sanskrit for communication, offering a comprehensive approach to personal development. 

Lastly, the golden center represents the core of our being. Through our training, we aim to help our students connect with the remembrance that they are light and bliss. No matter what life may bring, there is a part of us that remains untouched and at peace. By tapping into this inner core, we can achieve greater levels of happiness, fulfillment, and contentment in our lives.

This training is designed to provide you with a comprehensive connection to the heart of the yoga tradition and access to an unwavering and passionate community of devoted practitioners and teachers who are deeply committed to upholding the principles of integrity and preserving the genuine essence of Yoga in its purest form. Thus, you can be sure that this training will help you immerse yourself in the true essence of Yoga and benefit from the collective wisdom of an authentic Yoga community.


Ray Of Light Teacher Training

Foundational level modules

Our Yoga teacher training is held over seven weekends at our beautiful property in Long Beach. It is a thoughtful blend of ancient philosophy with a focus on contemporary application. The course is designed to be a personal and transformational experience that celebrates the gift of life as our greatest teacher.


We support you in developing a solid foundation in Yoga with personal practice, teaching skills, and a love of Yoga that will enrich and inspire you and your students for a lifetime. We believe it takes time to reveal the teacher within, you'll notice our training is longer than most. The time commitment reflects our holistic approach to this sacred practice. 

“Yoga is much more than postures, there is real depth and beauty no one understands until they do this training. To learn something so pure, and from a passionate soul like Rachel, this course is highly recommended.” Storm Yoga student 2018


What is covered in the training?

Request the brochure below for the full curriculum 

Yoga History I An overview of the history and origins of yoga and āyurveda

Yoga Techniques I Principles of āsana practice, intelligent sequencing, principles of prānayāma, meditation techniques

Yoga Philosophy Patañjali’s Yoga SūtrasBhagavad Gitā, anethics 

Yoga Teaching Methods I The process of learning and teaching Yoga, a pedagogy of teaching and facilitation, teaching yoga for all bodies, trauma-informed Yoga teaching

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Couse Content

About Rachel Nokes

Rachel Nokes is the lead teacher on the course. She is an experienced Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, trainer, and counselor with many years of practical experience and qualifications in these fields. Her passion and dedication to her craft have led her to discover her life’s purpose, and she is eager to share her knowledge and inspire others to find their own sense of purpose and fulfilment. 

Throughout her sixteen years of teaching experience, Rachel has honed her skills to offer a meticulous approach to Vinyāsa Yoga, inspired by the teachings of TVK Desikachar and Krishnamacharya. Her methodical approach entails intelligent sequence design, the incorporation of Yogic philosophy and real-life storytelling, as well as breath practices and meditation into the Yoga practice. Rachel takes pride in offering a range of Yoga tools to her students, ensuring that the practice is accessible to all individuals. With a passion for sharing the benefits of Yoga with others, Rachel leads retreats in various locations across the globe, including Australia, Europe, Bali, and India. In addition to her retreats, Rachel also provides ongoing mentoring and training for teachers who have completed the Ray of Light teacher training program and those who wish to continue their exploration of Yoga philosophy and teaching. Rachel is thrilled to see the expansion of the Yoga family and celebrates the rich diversity in her students who attend her courses.



“Rachel has a wealth of knowledge and can explain the content in a comprehensible way. The location was absolutely beautiful; the sounds of the birds made me feel like I was in a beautiful rainforest. The food during the training was an absolute highlight. It was delicious, and I felt it was made with love. Overall I have come out of this course with clarity and the confidence to teach.” 2019 student

Yoga Teacher training timetable

Sample timetable for our days together

7.30  am  Yoga Practice

9.00 am   Breakfast 

9:00 am   Morning Lecture

11.30 am  Morning Tea 

11.45 am Midday Lecture 

1.00 pm   Lunch 

2.00 pm  Afternoon Lecture

4.00pm   Closing circle / Relaxation Practice


Note: Fridays we begin at 10am and Mondays we end at 3pm.    



Dates & Timetable

2024 Yoga Teacher Training Dates


9th - 12th 


8th - 11th


5th - 8th


3rd - 6th


21st - 24th 


12th - 15th 


2nd - 5th

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For full details, please fill in your email for the brochure below. 

  • Includes seven, four-day blocks Friday , Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, 

  • A 2-hour mentoring call each month

  • 3 indivudal mentoring sessions with Rachel to support your personal practice and learning journey 

  • Private rooms with a shared bathroom at our bespoke onsite accommodation for those choosing the residental option 

  • During the training days, all students will enjoy homemade wholefood seasonal meals for breakfast and lunch 

  • Residental option includes an evening supper 

  • A beautiful training manual/book and all textbooks required for the course 

  • An āyurvedic goodie bag to support your personal āyurvedic practices 

Non-residential:  $5995 AUD 

Residential:           $7995 AUD


  • $750 deposit is required upon acceptance into the training   


Full payment

  • If you pay in full, you will receive a discount of $500 

Payment plan 

  • We will happliy design a payment plan to support your personal situation. It will begin one month after the deposit has been recieved 

  • Please don't hesitate to contact Rachel to discuss M: 0414 585 688 

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Course Costs

Guest Teachers​

We are grateful to high caliber guest teachers who share on our training

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 10.28.19 am.png

Lis White –

Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Lis is a highly experienced Yoga teacher and exercise physiologist with a passion for sharing practical applied anatomy for our training.

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 10.33.23 am.png

Sarah Ball –

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teaching

Sarah is a yoga teacher, trainer and counsellor who specialises in empowering Yoga teachers and students in mental health issues and trauma. Sarah offers further specialist training for those seeking to deepen in this area, such as health practitioners, and teaches on our level 2 training.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 3.05.21 pm.png

Kathy Gaudiosi-

Teaching Yoga to Children and Teens

Kathy is an inspiring teacher with a passion for sharing Yoga with our younger generation. This is a practical and informative workshop that is bound to inspire you.

Guest Teachers
Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 12.53.27 pm.png

What kind humans are saying...

“I valued the overall framework of the course and the fact it was established on evidence based research. I particularly appreciated the content about chronic pain, somatic practices with Sarah Ball (trauma informed yoga teacher). I enjoyed that it was accessible to everyone, regardless of your fitness levels or age. 

I would say as a person, it’s life-changing, and as a professional, it will significantly expand your ability to equip your clients a variety of methods.

I would also like to add that you definitely don’t need to be able to do a headstand before you attend this training! You will journey so much deeper than just the physical body.

I don’t teach regular yoga classes in a studio model, and there are endless possibilities as to where you can utilise the skills you’ve learnt to fit your niche. 

This training was an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and create a supportive community that I still stay in touch with today. Rachel creates a warm and nurturing learning environment, fit to meet you exactly where you are. I highly recommend joining this training and if you’re feeling nervous and unsure if I could participate (like I was) jump on a call with Rachel she will answer any of your concerns. “


Shona Sim - Psychologist & Yoga teacher

Terms & Conditions of Certification

• All assessment tasks throughout the training must be completed  in order to receive certification

• A daily self-practice 

• Advance notice of absence must be given where possible

• Students may miss two days of the training but are expected to complete assignments as required

• All days missed require a minimum of a one-hour mentoring session


What Yoga teaching qualification will I gain?

You will receive a two hundred hour teaching certificate registered through Yoga Alliance. NOTE our course goes above and beyond most 200 hour courses. 

What ongoing support is available after completing the Yoga teacher training

After completing the training you are will be qualified to teach. However, additional training, mentoring/apprenticeship with Ray of Light Yoga is highly recommended. Continuing education is valuable for further learning, support and inspiration. It’s also a requirement of  membership of many Yoga associations.

Ray of light offer advanced teacher training and mentoring sessions to support you. These sessions count toward your continued learning and CPD points for governing bodies.

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