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Befriending your nervous system 

This course is held over FIVE weeks on Fridays

15th March (1-2.30pm) and ending on Friday 10th May

One thing we all have in common is that we all have a nervous system. Therefore, understanding your Nervous System patterning and experimenting with ways to traverse your inner landscape is an empowering enquiry. Part of this system is the Vagus nerve, also known as ‘the wandering nerve’. It sprawls out from the brain and into the body like an intricate network of roots, connecting to the lungs, heart, gut, immune system, and many organs. It feeds information into all of our bodies’ systems, creating our physiology. Our Nervous System determines how we experience ourselves, other people and the world. More and more, we’re learning how critical vagal activity is to attention, mood and overall, wellbeing. Science shows us that heightened vagal activity counteracts the stress response, which involves the Sympathetic Nervous System. Working with the Nervous System can unlock new doors to treating all manner of human suffering and take part in life or lead us to shelter when we feel a need to rest, recuperate, or protect ourselves. 

Course Dates:

Friday 15th & 22nd March

Friday 12th & 19th April

Friday 10th May

Chanting 101 

A 6-week course introduction into Vedic chanting

Mon 5th Feb 2024, 1:00 pm - Sat 6th Apr 2024, 2:15 pm 

Sessions will include a combination of:
◦ Sanskrit chanting
◦ Philosophy
◦ Āsana - gentle breath centric movements
◦ Prānāyāma - breathing practices
◦ Dharana - Concentration/ mediation

No experience is required, just an openness and curiosity to trying new things. This class includes some gentle movements suitable for all physical abilities chairs are encouraged to support students being comfortable when sitting. Handouts and recordings will be made available for your ongoing learning.

5th , 19th, 26th February
18th, 25th March
8th April


Visioning with the forces of nature
Morning of movement, ritual, ceremony & celebration

Saturday 17th February ~ 8am - 11am

The astrological calendars invite us to begin our intention setting a little later than the 1st of January. We may feel pressure on the 1st January to know exactly where we're going for the year ahead, but the energy of the month lends itself to more space.


February is a wonderful time to start planting these seeds. We will align ourselves to the Forces of Nature through the portals of movement, prayer, sound, meditation and visioning.



We’ve designed this masterclass to connect you back to the elements within you and around you. Instead of cerebral intention setting, this will allow you to connect with deeper insights inspired by the wholeness of all things. Its through this harmonizing with the forces of nature that our desires can make themselves known.

This will be held at Rachel’s beautiful property, outside, dancing on the earth, in the elements. Spaces are limited, bookings essential. Everyone welcome.



Monthly Satsang community gathering

Sunday 4 February | 11:00 am ~1:00pm 


Join us for an intimate Satsang event at Ray of Light in Long Beach, where seekers come together. Only 10 spaces are available for this special gathering, providing an opportunity for a deep and meaningful connection. 

This exclusive session includes a full practice, yogic discussions, and an opportunity to share your insights. Bring a plate to share in the spirit of community and nourishment.

Don't miss out on this monthly extended practice – reserve your spot now. Save the date for our next gathering March 24th. 

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