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ONLINE Befriending Your Nervous System 

This course is held over FIVE weeks on Mondays

1st July ~ 05th August | 7:00 - 8:30 pm 

One thing we all have in common is that we all have a nervous system. Therefore, understanding your Nervous System patterning and experimenting with ways to traverse your inner landscape is an empowering enquiry. Part of this system is the Vagus nerve, also known as ‘the wandering nerve’. It sprawls out from the brain and into the body like an intricate network of roots, connecting to the lungs, heart, gut, immune system, and many organs. It feeds information into all of our bodies’ systems, creating our physiology.


Our Nervous System determines how we experience ourselves, other people and the world. More and more, we’re learning how critical vagal activity is to attention, mood and overall, wellbeing. Science shows us that heightened vagal activity counteracts the stress response, which involves the Sympathetic Nervous System. Working with the Nervous System can unlock new doors to treating all manner of human suffering and take part in life or lead us to shelter when we feel a need to rest, recuperate, or protect ourselves. 

Course Dates:

Monday 01st July

Monday 08th July

Monday 15th July

Monday 29th July

Monday 05th August 

This course will be recorded so you can watch the sessions anytime

You'll have access to additional content via our online learning platform

What do folks say...

"One of the most special things I have done for myself and my body was to join the Nervous System course. The invaluable lessons I have learnt from Rachel will follow me for the rest of my life and I can not be thankful enough" 

"Thank you Rachel I really enjoyed the Befriending your nervous system course. It has highlighted and gave me permission to honor my needs. The space was so reverent, clear and safe. I would love to build on this knowledge and wisdom. "


"Rachel holds a safe space to explore the nervous system. I have learnt a lot about how my nervous system is moderated by me and others."


"Befriending the nervous system has been so helpful. Understanding the different places my system goes has helped me take better care of myself and feel better supported."

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