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Free Gifts

Gift #1


21 Day Reset for
Radiant Health

You are invited to access the Ray of Light 21 Day Reset for free by joining the mailing list below. Once you join, you will be emailed instruction on how to access.

More about this reset:

In this three-phase program you will be offered a gentle immersion which can be included in your day to day life. You will learn realistic, personalised habits and practices that aim for long term well-being, not just temporary results. The guiding principle for all yoga and Ayurvedic practices is Ahmisa (kindness), so our approach will be gentle and loving.


Gift #2


Sāvitri gāyatrī mantra 

You are invited to access exquiste details on practicing this mantra and co-ordinating mudras. 

More about this course:

Every morning at dawn millons of people chant the Sāvitri gāyatrī mantra, refine your resitation of this vedic mantra in it's tradional form, as it was recieved the the rishis and is documented in the ancient text. Learn and embody through hand mudras the energic dance of the hands to increase and support your devotion and sadhana 


What our clients say.. 

“I saw Rachel for an Ayurvedic cleanse when I was going through a stressful time of change. I went to see her because I wanted to support my system to shed a lot of old baggage, move through change with grace as well as sleep better and have more energy.

Rachel was warm, welcoming and easy to talk to. She provided all the support and resources I needed to complete the recommended program and I felt amazing!! She gave me a book that has inspired my own learning and I feel like I’ve walked away feeling better AND with more knowledge on how to make adjustments to my lifestyle so I continue to feel awesome.”


- Gretel

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