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Āyurvedic Health Consultations

Focus on your long term well-being with Āyurveda

Āyurvedic lifestyle consultations with Rachel gently guide you towards holistic self-care, in a simple, sensible and sustainable way

Āyurveda is one of the oldest and most comprehensive medical systems in the world. It is based on the unchanging laws of nature and has evolved to become a practical, workable science in our modern western world. It offers simple, straightforward solutions to problems that appear complex and challenging to manage.


In Āyurveda, every person is viewed as unique, and specific treatments are provided according to their constitution and current state of health. Therefore, long-term changes that suit your lifestyle are favoured over radical and unsustainable change. Rachel will guide and support you through small and incremental changes so that you can be the most radiant version of yourself.

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Discover and understand the underlying causes of your health imbalances and learn steps to correct them. Āyurvedic consultations direct specific dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicines, yoga therapy, treatments (in clinic and/or at home) to strengthen your constitution, improve your digestion and sleep and steer you towards long-term health.


Āyurvedic lifestyle consultations address a full range of health conditions (both mild and severe) including the following:

  • Digestive problems

  • Weight issues

  • Stress and fatigue

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Skin problems

  • Joint pain

  • Respiratory problems

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Session One

60 Minutes

We outline your goals and obstacles through assessing all aspects of your life, including diet, exercise, rest, relationships and work/home environment.


It is in this first session we identify imbalances that are keeping you from feeling your best.

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Session Two

60 Minutes

You will be directed in how to correct the imbalances we have identified together and given a well being plan tailored to your constitution.


This will be completely customised to suit your constitution and health goals but the types of changes you can expect to be recommended are listed above.

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Session Three

30 Minutes

Remember, we are looking for long term wellbeing, not temporary results. So what you learn along the way will be applicable for the rest of your life.


In this session, we review and celebrate the fantastic progress you’ve made so far and make plans to sustain this for your healthy future.

Introductory Offer:


3 consultations (2 x 60 minute sessions and 1 x 30 minute session) for $330. This does not include the cost of treatments that may be recommended.

Follow up appointments to support and assist you in managing and maintaining optimal health are $130 per hour. Ayurvedic treatment costs vary depending on selection.


Purchase the Āyurvedic Health Package for $330

What to expect from our sessions


All consultations occur at our stunning rainforest clinic, where you will be served herbal tea on arrival. You will be guided by making long-term changes in food and diet to improve your digestion & vitality (including what to enjoy, what to avoid, and wholesome recipes that feed your body and soul). In addition, a daily routine will be recommended to bring mental and emotional balance. It may include yoga and breathing exercises and lifestyle suggestions to address stubborn health problems and encourage healing. You may also be prescribed Ayurvedic herbs to support rejuvenation.

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