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North India Yoga Retreat
13th ~ 27th October 2023


Durga is the Great Mother who helps us remove the limitations and emotional and mental obscurations that prevent us from shining the Divine Light we all carry within our hearts

Immerse yourself in the birthplace of Yoga and deepen your connection to your practice and Self. 


The invitation to this experience is more like a Yatra; a Yatra is a journey embarked upon for spiritual purposes. This Yatra will be flavoured with the powerful Goddess energy. People come together during Navrātri to celebrate Durga, the mother goddess carrying many weapons in her arms. Durga is best known for killing an evil demon in a battle that lasted nine days and nights, which is why the festival lasts for nine days and nights. Each day is represented by a different colour, symbolizing one of her distinct characteristics or traits. Many devotees wear a different coloured traditional outfit each day to reflect this. The festival ends with what's known as Dussehra, which celebrates good over evil.

We will also have additional guides and teachers, Seema and Anu Johari, supporting us during this adventure. They are experienced teachers of Āyurveda, Mantra, and all things the Goddess; they are also locals to North India and will share their incredible knowledge, guidance, and rich culture with us. What a blessing!

This retreat experience is unlike another; the schedule will vary daily as we travel through this sacred land. You will be collected from the airport. Everything will be taken care of, and we will do our best to ensure we have an amazing time together! If you want to arrange additional travel, this is also easily done.



 ✹ Fourteen nights of twin-share accommodation in mixed locations.


 ✹ Two of the nights in the mountains of Rishikesh, you will have your own private room.

✹ Three vegetarian meals each day, including tea, coffee and juice beverages

✹ All transportation within the retreat dates 

✹ All activities and entry tickets to temples

✹ Twice daily yoga, meditation, and chanting sessions with Rachel 

 ✹ Celebrate Navrātri in North India with incredible teachers 

✹ Create Durga yantra's, learn Durga chants and hear Durga mythical stories 

✹ Spend time by the holiest river, Ganga - an incarnation of the Devi herself 

✹ Enjoy the stunning ceremonies of Aarti and Pūja

✹ Plenty of free time to relax, nourish and enjoy the beauty India and her people have to offer

✹ Enjoy the art of traditional Henna

✹ Āyurvedic Cooking class 

✹ Vedic astrology 

✹ Mala shopping 



13 October ~ Arrival in Delhi

You will be collected from the airport and taken to our boutique hotel in Dehli, where I will welcome you! We will chill out for the afternoon and evening, enjoying the local restaurants as you land softly on this sacred land. 


14 October ~ Exploring the streets and temples of Delhi 

After breakfast, we will head out for an exciting shopping trip and to visit the beautiful lotus and Iskcon temples. After enjoying a delicious lunch, we will return to the hotel, relax, have dinner, and sleep. The following day we will travel as a group by bus up to holy Haridwar.


15 - 21st October ~ Celebrating Navarātri immersion Haridwar 

For seven nights, we will stay in a traditional North Indian home, "Johari house" here, we will take part in a 7-night immersion into the energy of the Goddess Durga to celebrate Navarātri. It's going to be incredibly powerful!

During these seven days and nights we will have a structured retreat timetable to immerse in the fierce wisdom of Durga, yoga, chanting, devotional practices, and ceremony especially crafted to invoke the Devi. 

"When called upon, Goddess Durga will lead us through situations that feel insurmountable. It is no wonder one of the meanings of Her name is fortress. Durga reminds us of the fortress we each carry within ourselves and can feel as a support when we need to fortify our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual boundaries. She will show us how to work with whatever we are facing from a place of protection, equilibrium and trust. Durga has been described as the center within the storm. As all the challenges and chaos spin around us, She can help us to find a place of refuge and stillness from which we can act more consciously and compassionately. In this world where so much injustice and destruction prevails, we need Durga more than ever" Laura Amazzone 


22th - 24th October ~ At the foothills of the Himalayan mountains

After breakfast, we will depart and drive to the mountains of Rishikesh, where we will stay in a quiet secluded hotel on the Holy river Ganga. You will have your own room during this quiet and remote time in the mountains will support our journey inwards, offer us the chance to breathe the mountain air, and integrate after our immersive practices at the foot of the mountains. Here I'll continue to share integrative yoga/meditation sessions twice daily. 


25th October ~ Time to explore Rishikesh 

After some quiet time, we transition from the beautiful mountains to enjoy the sensory experience Rishikesh offers, all the colours, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes. You'll find fabulous cafes, boutiques, shops, fire rituals on the Ganga, wandering cows, and saints. Wander the streets freely, maybe purchase gifts and traditional items like statues. During the evening, we will enjoy a beautiful aarti ceremony at Parmarth Niketan and visit the remains of Chaurasi Kutia, colloquially known as the Beatles ashram. This is where the Beatles spent their time with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1968. 

These last few days will support our journey onward ready to return home or for onward travels. 


27 October ~ Returning home with sweet memories

Time to say sweet goodbye for now. We will check out of our Rishikesh hotel, have breakfast, and drive to Delhi. Then, depending on everyone's flight and travel arrangements, we can have lunch together somewhere and drop you at Delhi Airport or a hotel.

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TWIN SHARE: $5996 per person

To secure your spot on the retreat, we require a $1000 deposit. Once the deposit has been paid, we will email you with further information.

Payment in installations

Book with a friend and save $500 each (January payment)

$1000 deposits 

Plus quarterly (x4) x payments of $1249 on

retreat to be paid in fully by 1st August 2023 

The $1000 is non-refundable. All additional payments are refundable up to 60 days before our departure date. After 60 days, our policy is strictly no refunds. Hence we ask you to take out a travel insurance policy that supports the level of risk you are willing to take. This policy is unwavering and includes covid-related travel issues and government travel restrictions. 

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The retreat price does not include airfares, visa fees, or travel insurance. Flights, travel insurance, visas, and vaccinations are required and must be obtained separately before travelling. 

We advise that you buy travel insurance as soon as possible to cover your investment in the event you cannot join this journey. 

All details regarding flights, visas and Covid testing guidelines will be sent to you within two weeks of you paying the deposit. 

Add-on activities such as massages are not included.

No experience is required, just an open mind and a willingness to have your heart cracked wide open by the Goddess and India.

Feeling the call to join us on this Yatra?

We only take an intimate number of curious seekers, so spaces are limited. 

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