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Understanding and Breaking Free From The Cycle Of Pain

Understanding and breaking free of the cycle of pain

The pain cycle is such an important aspect of chronic pain that rarely gets explained to people living ongoing pain. Just knowing about the pain cycle has helped me to better respond to my pain and I’ll simplify it here. A variety of stressors in someone’s life such as an injury, relationship problems, grief or trauma get the brain to activate the emotional and threat centre of the brain. These stressors are therefore processed and stored in ‘pain parts’ of the brain that largely affect bodily functions such as blood flow, the nervous system, muscles and gastro intestinal system to make a few. Some people may then go on to feel the experience of pain almost anywhere in the body in a variety of forms (e.g. tingling, numbness or headaches). Unfortunately the nervous system starts to ‘learn’ to feel pain and over time it rewires the brain to feel continuous pain even in the absence of structural damage. As expected this often leads to anticipation of the pain and ongoing fear and worry as well as a sensitized nervous system and the cycle goes on… The Holding Hope Workshops provides participants with a variety of simple tools to calm the nervous system and hopefully break the pain cycle. Strategies focus on using the breath, sound and stillness to prevent the brain from activating the threat centre and resulting in pain Join Shona Sim from Seed Of Hope Yoga and Rachel Nokes from Ray Of Light Yoga for a supportive and educational exploration into understanding and managing your own chronic pain on 31st August 10-1pm at Ray of Light Yoga Studio. Investment is $70 early bird (18/8/19) or $85 full free. Bookings through Shona Sim at:

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