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Yoga Therapy, where the ancient east meets the modern west

Visit us in our Long Beach clinic - Move towards optimal health & well-being with this powerful combination of ancient Eastern wisdom and Western biomedical knowledge


What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy represents a harmonious blend of timeless Eastern traditions and contemporary Western medical expertise, offering a transformative path to better health. Our treatment strategies are comprehensive and customized, addressing individual concerns to foster overall well-being and move closer to peak health.

Rachel, with her expertise, will conduct a thorough health evaluation, identifying your specific requirements, and crafting a personalized yoga therapy regimen. You will receive precise guidance for your daily practice, along with invaluable insights into lifestyle and dietary choices, all while benefitting from ongoing support within a nurturing and secure environment. Rachel is more than willing to collaborate with your medical practitioner, naturopath, or psychologist, ensuring a holistic approach to your health and wellness journey.

The Offering:

Local Yoga therapist Rachel is offering intimate classes at her yoga

cabana space in Long Beach. These classes are for folks interested

in yoga with physical limitations or chronic health

issues. Or perhaps you feel less comfortable attending large

classes or want a more personal approach to developing your

yoga practice.

Classes include gentle breath-focused moments, which can be

tailored to suit your system; chairs, and props are used to support your

practice as needed. Mediation, visualization, and sound practices may

also be included for a holistic approach to your well-being.

These classes intend to increase vitality, confidence, and healing through

this therapeutic approach.




5 week courses begin 7th November until 9th December 2023

Fridays 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Maximum of 8 people per class

Opening offer $99 per person for the term, sorry, no casual visits.

To Enroll

Email: Rachel

You can call and leave a message 0414585688


About Rachel
Rachel has been teaching yoga for 16 years. She specializes in therapeutic yoga and has a postgraduate diploma in Yoga therapy, which she completed over 2.5 years in 2015. Rachel is also a professional counselor and āyurvedic health coach. Rachel enjoys sharing yoga with people who believe they aren’t flexible or fit enough to attend classes; accessible practices that invite a feeling of peace and ease internally are what she will be offering through these classes.  Rachel leads courses, retreats, and training locally and overseas.

What others are saying


Tara Goedjen

Yoga teacher and PHD Student

Rachel Nokes doesn’t just teach the practice of yoga, she lives it. She is the sort of person who radiates peacefulness and love. I was first attracted to Rachel’s yoga classes because of her knowledge, intuitive guidance, and relaxing presence, and she has continued to inspire me to this day. The Illawarra is very lucky to have her!


Gretel V

When I started yoga therapy, there were many excuses with why I wasn’t feeling my best. I wasn’t doing all the things that I thought I “should” be doing and the guilt was making it hard to break through the cycle of feeling exhausted. Then I went to see Rachel for Yoga Therapy and it broke the cycle. After the first session, I felt excited and Rachel designed a simple practice that suited the time I had available, which made it easy to fit in. When I slip out of the habit, my yoga practice is something that I can quickly return to and feel the benefits instantly. Thank you Rachel for making regular yoga practice accessible and achievable!

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