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Winter is a time to retreat, and yet at the same time maintain enough vitality not to become too heavy and lethargic. It's Kapha season!

When Kapha is in balance is offers us nourishment, solidity and groundedness. However, out of balance we can become heavy, lethargic, greedy and clingy. I hope you enjoy all the blessings Winter has to offer and have fun exploring the winter recipes and lifestyle advice to assist you in maintaining optimal health and well-being.

Include simple ways to celebrate the aliveness of life with these simple pleasures..

  • Practice the art of laying the table

  • Crack out your best table linen

  • Iron your table cloths and napkins

  • Create a small flower arrangement for your table

  • Invite your family members to take turns sharing gratitude

  • See meal planning as the privilege it is

  • Cook with love! Play your favourite love songs to increase the deliciousness of your meal

Check out my upcoming retreat at our rainforest studio in Bulli. I'd love to see you there !



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