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Reflections on simplicity

I'm writing this from a gorgeously petit writing desk in my little airbnb room in Brighton Melbourne. Brighton its self seems like a very wealthy suburb by the sea, the houses look like mansions, giant blocks, big manicured gardens. The roads are large and tree lined. It's pretty cold and windy here, I'm grateful for the beanie I picked up in Canberra last winter.

I'm here for the second module of my Vedic chanting teacher training. We study for twelve days 9.30am - 5.30pm daily. Each day is a combination of refining chants we learnt last module, learning new ones, plus learning to read and write the Devanagari script which is one of a number of scripts Sanskrit is written in. Deep inside I have a longing to be able to pick up a text and to be able to read and chant its contents from its original form. So here I am ! Curious ? I'm offering a month long Mantra Immersion online open to students and teachers.

In seeking simplicity I packed a small suitcase hand luggage only. This time I choose a smaller humbler room as my accommodation. I've set the intention to do less, with less. I know this is really fucking privileged. Even writing this part of me is cringing. Anyhow, being here, in this simple accommodation with a shared bathroom with the home owner, feels so good. So much of the time I find myself craving more and better. And yet there's satisfaction in making do, scaling back, I'm noticing a quietening mentally. Where as when there is more, or I pay more, I expect more and somehow this often brings dissatisfaction. Can you relate?

Much of my life i'm blessed with many interests, many ways of working, seeing people in person, online, courses, trainings. This week has felt so good to be here, in one place, with one intention. I have a limited schedule, same times for everything each day. I reminds me of the safety that creating a rhythm offers my nervous system. If I'm honest I've noticed my days haven't always have this quality of late and that I've had the tendency recently to fall into the trap of filling the gaps.

There's simplicity and security that comes from having a set schedule, one of the many joys of being on retreat. Our meals, practices etc at the same time each day, they create gentle book ends for the unstructured parts. On retreat everyone reconnects at meals times, sharing their nap stories, or recommending a great novel. Deeper conversations happen, with this shared experience, we arrive as strangers and leave as friends.

I would love for you to join me, in this co-creation of nourishing rhythm this October in beautiful Bali. The retreat will have a simple vibe, honouring the sacred of the rhythm of each day so that you and down regulate into a new space of relaxation, Bali time ! Plus you hardly need to pack anything, your togs, a couple of pairs of cotton trouser, tops and a sundress !

Check out the pic below, one of my fav napping and reading spots at Gaia, I'd love to read alongside you and share quotes from our books.

With palms together,


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