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Individual therapy & compassionate inquiry

“Happiness is when you finally connect your mind to your body.” — Greg Plitt


About Rachel's approach 

For over two decades I've been supporting people to foster connection within themselves and within relationship. Over time i've grown into the role of deep listener and healer. I bring with me my many years of self inquiry practice as well my great love of yoga, breath and philosophy. I have learned along my journey, that authentic change begins with silence, stillness and the courage to look inwards, I'm committed to my own healing journey and mostly recently completed studies in somatic therapy. Im here to hold a sacred container for you.

Qualifications / approaches 

  • Grad dip - Relationship counselling inspired by family systems theory, attachment theory, The Gottmans, Esther Perel, David Snarch. 

  • Polyvagal and trauma-informed counselling 

  • RET- Rapid exposure tapping supporting clients with disturbing and traumatic memories

  • Grad dip - Yoga therapy – embodiment practices,  using gentle movements, breath and mindfulness 

  • Compassionate enquiry as taught by Dr Gabor Maté

  • internal family systems (IFS)

Please book a ninety minute session for your initial appointment. Appointments will be via zoom  - in person appointments are available on request at my Long Beach location 



School teacher

“If I could provide three words to describe Rachel, I would use kind, gentle and graceful in her approach. Rachel has a loving ability to hold space for true feelings and emotions to unfold. During our sessions, she offers practical and tangible tools through a yogic, and counselling lens, leading to many ‘aha’ moments and a shift in daily rituals, inner dialogue, habits, and overall energy.” 



“We always leave a session in a better place. When we have tried counselling before, we found we’d leave still annoyed, if not more so, with one another as our nitpicking was magnified. Rachel’s sessions always address areas so much deeper. I’ve learned so much about our nervous system, why patterns repeat and how to actually move forward. It’s not that my husband and I don’t still disagree, we are just able to diffuse much quicker and catch ourselves before the spiral. Rachel’s deep knowledge in all her disciplines works beautifully together to teach and heal. She is incredible!” 

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