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The secret Sadhāna of Patañjali's Samādhi Pādah 

Online mentoring container for Yoga teachers embodying and teaching from the first chapter of Patañjali Yoga Sūtra

You have a longing to share Yoga philosophy in your classes but feel inauthentic?

You second guess yourself about pronouncing the Sanskrit correctly? 

You are invited into this unique exploration of my favourite Classical Yogic text I hold great reverence for Sage Patañjali.  I’ve been marinating in this text a for over ten years under the guidance of my teachers and my personal inquiry. I love sharing the secrets held in the first chapter and have been holding these particularly close for the last couple of years.

Join me for this inquiry, you'll find my teaching style is compassionate and expansive, let's journey together. 

The Vedas offer us a model for learning, embodying and teaching this informs the process I've created. The intention to lead you toward the integration of these teachings, into your life, practice and teaching.


Each month you will be you will be taught how to chant the sūtra’s covered with specificity. You will be supported to craft a personal sādhana including an inquiry that you will take with you through the following fortnight. The second call in the month we will have a space to reflect on your experience, have your questions answered and you will be encouraged to design a practice or course of classes informed by the teaching. If you aren't currently teaching you can design the practice for your own benefit. 

This process will increase your confidence, and empower you and your students to harness this ancient wisdom for the transformation that it holds the potential for... this is Yoga in action.



"Rachel is able to create the same bhavana, feeling, quality of experience online as she does in person. I have been a student of Rachel over several years and completed my teacher training with her in person as well. I have participated in her live online classes as well as her online program and one to one mentoring sessions. If you are looking to continue to go deeper into your yoga practice in safe experienced trauma informed hands, then I highly recommend Rachel’s offerings to you. As a teacher or a practitioner having her loving guidance and wealth of knowledge to support you on your path is an invaluable resource. Thank you Rachel" 

Victoria Kasunic Clinical Psychologist & Yoga teacher 


“Yoga philosophy, but not as you’ve experienced before.

Rachel gives you the goods when it comes to all things Yoga and its insane roots. Rachel can only be described as mesmerising when it comes to the way she delivers these ancient teachings . She makes it deeply practical without loosing an ounce of this traditional magic. She nourishes you as a student and empowers TF out of you as a teacher. She will remind you not only why you came to Yoga, but why you stayed.  Rachel shares the what, the how and the who so you walk away feeling deeply inspired, equipped and ready to share these teachings with your students in your own unique voice. “ 

Helen Wilkes - Founder of The Collaborative Maroubra







Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 11.22.33 am.png

About Rachel Nokes

Rachel is an experienced Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, trainer, and counsellor with many years of practical experience and qualifications in these fields. Over the past fifteen years of teaching, Rachel has integrated her learning offer methodical approach to Vinyāsa Yoga greatly inspired by the teachings of TVK Desikachar and Krishnamacharya.

 Rachel leads retreats in Australia, Europe, Bali and India. Rachel also offers ongoing mentoring and training to teachers who have completed the Ray of light teacher training or those looking to continue their exploration of Yoga philosophy and teaching. Rachel loves how the Yoga family is expanding and celebrates the rich diversity in the students who attend her courses.

“The course was so enriching and so much more than I expected. I have grown so much and found so much value in the philosophy. Rachel is an amazing facilitator, her warmth and encouragement makes the experience so special” 2019 student


Mentoring calls + path progression 

1. First call of the month - experience the teaching + craft your personal practice and inquiry  

2. Two weeks between calls self practice & inquiry 

3. Integration call + practice design and teaching practice 

You will receive:

2 x 2 hour mentoring calls per month (dates below)

Recordings of the Sūtras covered in the calls stored on our learning platform

Patañjali Yoga Sūtra translation & chant book 

Feedback on your teaching through an optional recorded class + 1 private mentoring session 

CPD points available for Yoga Australia or Yoga Alliance 

Dates & Timetable

What will you gain



This is a parallel process, we can only take our students as far as we have been. As you commit to your growth through embodied practice this will exude through all aspects of your life. Including your teaching. You will have the opportunity to lead short segments of practice with your peers and receive feedback from Rachel from an additional recorded session that you teach in your own time.  



You will learn new ways to share Yoga philosophy in your classes, Patañjali offers us many incredible tools rarely uncovered in yoga teacher trainings in this chapter.  It will enliven and increase your teaching capacity for sharing prānayama, svādhaya( inquiry), dharana (mediation), bhakti yoga (devotional practice) and mantra. 


Through our three step process you will gain strength and courage to share these teachings in an authentic way. When authenticity is present courage follows. 



There is so much wisdom in the Yoga sūtras, there is so much to digest and yet the teachings are very simple. Let  your mind be blown with a new way of seeing and experiencing Yoga beyond āsana. 



Safety is imperative for learning. With my many years experience as a group facilitator and trainer you’ll be held with generosity, come as you are, there’s no judgement on what you know or don’t know.  This level of compassion and safety will allow honest conversations and a deeper sense of genuine connection.

Your private mentoring session will be arranged on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday as arranged with Rachel. Each student will be assigned a month to do the above depending on growth areas they are looking to develop. 

Always a Friday 12.45pm - 2.45pm on the following dates.

2022 Yoga Teacher Mentoring Dates - 12.45pm - 2.45pm 

4th & 18th

March 2022

1st & 22nd 

April 2022

6th & 20th May 2022

1st & 15th 

July 2022

2nd & 16th 

September 2022

7th & 21st

October 2022


  • Early bird $1800 if paid in full via bank transfer before 21st February. 

  • Full price $2000 

  • Payment plan $500 deposit + 6 x $250 - commencing on enrolment and following each month

    We really hope you'll join us - click  apply now button and we will be in touch once we've reviewed your application. If you have questions books a complimentary 15 minute call via the book now button under work with me. 

Course Costs
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