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Online 1:1 Yoga Session

Cultivate steadiness and ease with postures, chanting and meditation streaming to you when and where it suits your lifestyle. An intimate, full-spectrum practice that will bring about a state of calm to reduce daily stress. Yoga that is trauma-sensitive, tailored to all bodies and stages of life. Rachel will tailor these session to suit your goals and interests. The first session will include a through assessment of your starting point.


Online Counselling (Individuals Only)

At different junctions in life, we find we need the support of another. Therapeutic counselling is not about identifying problems and finding solutions; instead, it is the essential work that illuminates unknown parts of us. With Rachel’s help, activate more of your infinite potential. See our counselling page for full details.

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Befriending Your Nervous System

This course held over five weeks is a gentle yet deep understanding of Polyvagal Theory with gentle Yoga and bucket loads of compassion! It is designed to increase self-awareness. Each session will finish with a guided relaxation practice so you can switch off your camera and transition smoothly into the rest of your evening. 
One thing we all have in common is that we all have a nervous system. Therefore, understanding your Nervous System patterning and experimenting with ways to traverse your inner landscape is an empowering enquiry.

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Online Ayurvedic consultation package – 3 sessions

Harness your own healing! Ayurveda consultations offer specific dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicines, yoga therapy and treatments you can try in the comfort of your own home. Discover and understand the underlying causes of your health imbalances, learn steps to strengthen your constitution, improve your digestion and sleep. Ray of Light Ayurveda consults will steer you towards long-term health. See consultations page for full details.

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Online Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Bridge the gap between teacher training and teaching yoga to real bodies, support and evolve your personal yoga practice and reveal your unique gifts as a yoga teacher. With non-judgmental guidance, focus on your evolution and development as a teacher, using creative and reflective processes. Please refer to our yoga teacher mentoring page for full details all packages can be used via our online meeting room.

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21 Day Spring Reset

Luckily, there's no need to put life on hold or hop on a plane to a tropical location to reset and find your inner radiance! Here, you will be offered a gentle immersion that can be included in your day to day life.

You will learn supportive practices and rituals that aim for long term wellbeing, not just temporary results. The guiding principle for all Yoga and Āyurvedic practices is Ahmisa (kindness) so the approach will be gentle and loving.

Rest assured that there will be no extreme instructions as according to Āyurveda these can tend to create more imbalance than our goal which is harmony.

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