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The Ray Of Light vision..a way of seeing - Darśana

The Ray Of Light vision..a way of seeing - Darśana

My new logo is ready! And it’s a manifestation of the Ray of light vision!

At our core, we are all rays of light. This image simply maps the journey of how the ancients have inspired us to manifest our full potential.

Snake - Prānā

Prāna was the first manifestation; it is also supreme all of nature remains due to prāna. It’s with great reverence that we honour the life force, “Pra” meaning everywhere. Two snakes represent our need for connection and intimacy, the relationship being at the core of our approach.

“Prānā is our essential being. In reality, the rest, the physical, physiological, psychological, and deeper constitution are nothing but the shadow of the prānā.” Dr Chandrasekaran

The circle layers

These symbolize the five constitutional divisions “Pañcamayam” as taught in the Taittirīya Upanishad. We are multidimensional beings, and bliss is at the core of our being.


Enjoy the Bhāvanā of the lotus as our spiritual heart; even when its roots are in the dirtiest for waters, the lotus blooms in all of her glory. So the teaching here.. no need to wait the time is now!


Sarva anga sādhanam - if we want comprehensive growth, our practice needs to ripple through all of our layers. Yoga for the mind, Āyurveda for the body, and Saṁskṛtam for communication.

Gold centre line

It reminds us of suṣumṇā nādi, the “ray of light” central channel, the goal of Yoga to manifest this in this lifetime.

May all being awaken and remember at their core their ray of light !

Love Rachel x

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