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A Journey To The Heart

Softening the mind into the heart ..

Many spiritual traditions recognise the heart as a place of generosity, compassion, our inner home. Our society is so driven by intellectual outcomes and external markers, and our minds are so full and busy, that we forget to take time to reflect, and feel into our hearts wisdom.

Yoga meditation “Dharana” practice offers us the opportunity to dive inwards and clear the cobwebs that keep us stuck and acting from our habitual tendencies. It’s the sense of inner spaciousness that may be created through regular practice over an extended period that builds resilience and efficacy over our inner landscape.

“Your heart sees by its own light.

In meditation, adore the subtle fire

The light that you see by

Is the light that comes from inside.”

~ Lorin Roche, The Radiance Sutras

I’m reminded, and can hear my dear teacher’s voice sharing the truth that our mind is programmed to go towards the darkness. The mind he says, always wants to take us towards suffering. So with this truth in mind, where we place our mind is of utmost importance to our wellbeing.

Sanskrit is the ancient language that the teachings of Yoga are transmitted through. The Sanskrit word Nyāsa means a special type of placing or entrusting. Anāhāta cakra is located in our energetic system close to the physical heart. The word Anāhāta can be translated to mean the unstruck, the chord that keeps resonating without end. At this level it’s the energetic heart space that is untouched by events and dualities, this heart is unbeaten and unwounded. I am so looking forward to sharing the prac