You will immerse yourself in person at our rainforest retreat. 

Join Rachel and an intimate group of committed teachers diving into each of the weekend modules. This training runs over a three month period meeting for one weekend (non-residential) a month in June, July and August. 

50 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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You will experience traditional yoga techniques, the devotional practice of chanting and philosophy. This course teaches practical, transferable skills and mentors you personally. We draw from traditional Yogic wisdom based study, supporting you to develop your knowledge through theoretical understanding and practice. We support you to lead from your heart and be confident in your skills and express yourself and the ancient teachings in your classes and courses. Having attended each weekend, you will experience an individual mentoring session with Rachel to support your learning and integration. 

Module 1 


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Refresh your Sanskrit

This fun module will inspire you to keep the Sanskrit language alive for yourself and your students. Revise your connection to the ancient language of Yoga, the Sanskrit alphabet and its unique sounds made by the 5 different mouth positions. Receive feedback on your pronunciation of postures, keywords and mantras to ensure that with proper pronunciation, you are saying what you intend to say. We will also affect the heart-mind through learning and practising Sanskrit mantra, uplifting one another as we learn. 

Nāda Yoga 

In this module, you will experience toning and projection techniques to build confidence whilst teaching, reading and chanting. As a leader, you will tune into your unique voice so you can share and lead with confidence and humility. We will explore the effects and application of sound and mantra in Yoga. We will experiment with using the harmonium, learning and leading simple chants. Learn how to use singing bowls and music as a way of bringing nāda Yoga as a well-thought-out layer into your Yoga classes. 


Module 2



The Yoga sūtras of Patañjali as the mirror

Through a process of self-inquiry, we will explore the Yoga Sutras as a mirror to our minds. We will reflect on questions such as; How can I define the even state of mind that I crave? What interrupts my mental clarity? What is the cause of these disturbances? We will cover major themes from Chapter 1 and 2. Our sessions will be a combination of chanting, reflection, journaling and practice design.

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Module 3



The Yoga sūtras of Patañjali as the mirror

Krishna in this epic text. Discover new ways to understand and teach from this timeless classic text in a way that is relatable to your career in Yoga. If you haven’t already found your unique way to share Yoga in the world, the study of this text will guide you to find your unique purpose or dharma. We will also learn the significance of several key concepts; artha, moksha and kama.


About Rachel Nokes

Rachel Nokes is the lead teacher on the course. She is an experienced Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, trainer, and counsellor with many years of practical experience and qualifications in these fields. Rachel has found her life’s purpose and she would love to inspire you to find yours.

Over the past eleven years of teaching Rachel has integrated her learning offer methodical approach to Vinyāsa Yoga greatly inspired by the teachings of TVK Desikachar and Krishnamacharya. This includes intelligent sequence design, the weaving of Yogic philosophy and real-life story telling along with breath practices and meditation into the Yoga practice. Rachel loves how her students can choose from a range of Yoga tools so that the practice can really be made available to all students.

Rachel leads retreats in Australia, Europe, Bali and India. Rachel also offers ongoing mentoring and training to teachers who have completed the Ray of light teacher training or those looking to continue their exploration of Yoga philosophy and teaching. Rachel loves how the Yoga family is expanding and celebrates the rich diversity in the students who attend her courses.

“Rachel has a wealth of knowledge and is able to explain the content in a way that is comprehensible. The location was absolutely beautiful, the sounds of the birds made me feel like I was in a beautiful rainforest. The food during the training was an absolute highlight. It was delicious and I felt it was made with love. Overall I have come out of this course with clarity and the confidence to teach.” 2019 student

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Payment plan available

ROL Students can apply for a special discount

This course includes

  • Three non-residential weekends are Ray of lights rainforest studio 

  • Three mentoring sessions to support your learning 

  • Delicious Ayurvedic meals 

  • Handouts & 4 textbooks

NEW – You’ll also receive three months’ complimentary access to The Online Sadhana collection to supplement your learning through the course (valued at $141).


  • Fill in and submit the online application form.

  • You will be notified within ten days of your acceptance. If you don’t hear from us, it means we haven’t received your application, so please call 0414 585 688.

  • Pay a $500 non-refundable deposit once you’ve been accepted onto the course.

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This advanced Yoga teacher training program is run from our boutique rainforest studio, set in the Bulli escarpment.

We are located an hour south of Sydney and 20 minutes north of Wollongong. The area boasts plentiful accommodation options, and we welcome students from near and far.

Students are invited to continue in a mentoring program following completion of the advanced Yoga teacher training for ongoing support and continued professional development.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Sessions

Did you know Rachel offers highly customised, one-on-one Yoga teacher mentoring sessions to new and evolving teachers? Discover how you can refine your skills and potently share your passion today!



  • We are a YACEP® or a qualified provider through Yoga Alliance. 

  • Rachel is a registered mentor through Yoga Australia so you are invited to apply for CPD points through this governing body. 

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